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Please Read Rulez

Post by MrFleaBag on Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:56 pm

Faction chat

1. Whenever possible pay attention to faction chat and respond when you can to a member’s question, even if you don’t know the answer, this way they don’t feel ignored. By the same token, however, have patience when awaiting a response, it is not always possible to respond immediately (surrounded by things that want to eat you (for example). If you don’t receive a response after a reasonable amount of time, repeat your question politely, it’s possible that it got missed.

2. Please use English; many of us do not speak another language.

3. If you are witness to an adult conversation (which tends to happen with us) that you find offensive, please speak up and state your discomfort. By the same token, if you are asked to stop an offensive conversation or topic, please do so.

4. Treat others with respect in the way that you speak to them. Think about what you are saying and the way you are saying it and how you would react to being spoken to in that manner.

Scamming and Begging

1. Begging members for money, items, or to kill your mobs for you will not be tolerated and offenders will receive one and only one warning, a repeat offense will result in being kicked. Begging is the repeated asking for such things after being denied. As for killing your quest mobs for you (not bosses) this is frowned upon as the quests are designed for you to not only gain XP from completing the quests but also for the kills. So having someone kill them for you is hurting you in the long run, it is best to find others working on the same quest to party with.

2. Scamming is never tolerated and offenders will be kicked.


1. Be respectful and you will be treated as such.

2. Do not talk down to or about faction members in chat or to people outside of faction.

3. When we are at war and our opponents are trash talking us, please refrain from joining in, be the bigger person and rise above it.

4. Unwanted sexual advances or flirting; we all joke around with each other and as this is a primarily adult faction, we also tend to harmlessly flirt with one another. If someone is made to feel uncomfortable with it and asks you to stop, please respect their wishes and do so. By the same token, if you feel uncomfortable with someone's advances and feel that it has escalated beyond the normal word play we exchange with each other daily, then speak up and politely ask them to stop. If they fail to do so and continue, please feel free to bring it up to any officer, we will be happy to try to rectify the situation.

FB's and Loot in FBs

1.When squadding for an fb we think it would be a good idea to wait for everyone in the squad to be there before doing any clearing as someone may need the mobs besides the tabber and also if a mob was missed theres a chance that it may find the person trailing behind and kill them.

2. An unspoken rule in the game is that whoever holds the tabs gets any 3star items and molds. As not all are aware of this understanding you must vocalize this to your party before you start, especially if you are going with people outside of faction. It is best to bring your own wines along for those FBs that require wine, if the party you are going with (especially out of faction) provides the wines, it is your responsibility to discuss drops before you start.

3. Out of courtesy, if you are with faction members using your tabs and you receive a mold that you have no use for but a party member may benefit from it, offer it to them, this is not mandatory merely a suggestion, but the favor may be returned to you at a later time.

Donations and Contributions

1. We have several banks that store different items such as; DQ, mats, apo, armor, and TT. We are always in need of items for quests, to raise production skills, make TT weapons, and pass down armor and weapons that you may have outgrown. We ask that anything that you borrow from the banks be returned. For example, if you require 10 element essence for the quest and we provide that for you, when you get 10 from mobs at a later level you return them, more if you so choose. Another example would be equips, if say we lend you a weapon or chest piece, when you receive better armor or weapon you return the lent equips to the bank so that another may benefit from it.

2. Monetary contributions right now were not going to worry to much about bank funds will let you all know once this comes into effect and who you can send the money to

3. All contributions no matter whether it is money, mats, arrows, or whatever are documented. We have an accounting of what comes in and what goes out.

I don't have a book started atm I need to get a bigger book before this can be really documented or anything like that

Other Stuff

1. Please use the name of the character in faction for your forum registration name; account will not be activated and Deleted if you use a diffrent Name, unless specifficly requested.

2. Censorship-eewwww! We do not censor people as long as they are not hurting others. We want you to be yourself and speak however you chose, we are comprised of mature (for the most part…j/k) adults and teens. So please feel free to use whatever words you wish, we just ask that use common sense, if you know that using a particular word is going to be offensive, chose another.

If there is something thats not here that should be let me know and I will add it. I know theres a few things that was talked about between a few of us that I can't remember at the moment. Anyway these be the rules most of us have already been following them for long time so should be no problems.



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